Commission Styles


Thank you!

I do not provide .PSDs of artwork unless company contracted.
I will provide both a full res and web-optimized PDF or .PNG, .PNG if unspecified. You must inform me before starting if the art is intended for personal print as it will greatly effect the colors in print!
➜ You are permitted to post, upload, share and crop the artwork you purchase in any way you desire.➜ You are not permitted to sell or redistribute prints of the artwork purchased without a written agreement.➜ Commissions typically take between 2-4 months [60-120 Days] depending on location in queue.➜ Refunds are not available unless I am genuinely unable to complete a commission within a reasonable time. (Approx ~6 mo)➜ Details and information are up to the client to provide in full. If you have a specific composition in mind you are required to provide me with visual references. These can include: Screenshots, stick figures, image stock collage, so on. I will provide up to 3 various composition sketches if the first one or two do not match your idea, after which I will require additional payment.➜⚠ I will not design your character for you unless it is specifically a character design commission.
Regardless of base price, I charge a $300+ (scales on complexity/number of proofs required) fee for additionally designing characters. It is highly advised to have a base concept I can work with first if you aren't seeking a design commission.
➜ Up to 2 minor changes are allowed after the project has been finalized, and must be requested within 72 hours.
⚠ Additional changes will incur a 25$ Fee. ⚠
Please review the entire piece in one sitting and send any possible errors in one message.
➜Will Not Draw
✗ 18+ NSFW/Porn
✗ Fetishes [Guro OK]
✗ Animal Gore/Torture/Harm/Etc [Humanoid/Furry OK]

Quick Sketch

Additional 50% per character
Level of completion, color, detail,
etc depends on price agreement


Starting Price: $850+

Additional 25% per character
Armor, weapon and scenery Price varies
*Most recent examples toward the top.

Concept Art

Lower Price Adjustment Available for Existing Characters
Armor, weapon and outfit price vary

Speed Paint

Additional 50% per character
Armor, weapon and outfit price varies
Background unavailable for this style

Small Illustration

Additional 50% per character
Armor, weapon and outfit price varies
Background unavailable for this style